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Limpopo's Strategic Location:Easy Access to African Markets:
Limpopo boarders on South African commercial and industrial heartland in Gauteng Province and key Southern African Development Community (SADC) nations, thus providing easy access to South African and African Markets.

These markets are linked by the N1 highway and adjacent main rail lines that bisect Limpopo. Covering 124 000 km² - about 10% of South Africa's surface area and with a population of 4.9 million, Limpopo is bounded to the south by Gauteng province, and to the west, north and east by Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Limpopo's capital, Polokwane, lies 300 km north of South Africa's main markets in the Johannesburg-Pretoria industrial complex, 200 km south of the province's border with Zimbabwe.

An Emerging African Hub

Limpopo is upgrading Polokwane International Airport, enabling it to handle the biggest, fully laden aircraft and to develop into a major cargo hub serving sub-Saharan markets and Europe. In addition, Limpopo is planning to develop an Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) around the airport, creating opportunities for exporters who add value to the province's raw materials.

Access to World Markets

The upgrading of Maputo port in Neighbouring Mozambique means that Limpopo-based exporters and importers can use the facility with growing confidence. Maputo is much closer to Limpopo than more distant South African ports where congestion often hampers trade.  

Limpopo exporters estimate they will save about one third of their transportation costs by using the facility. Linked to Limpopo by road and rail, Maputo port is situated 300 and 400 km from the main mining and agricultural centres of Limpopo. The traditional port of Durban, for example, is 1 000 km from these areas.

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