“The link to business growth”




An economic development strategy study has pinpointed the following major sectors to enhance the development in the Province: 

  • Agriculture and agro-processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Tourism


  • Owned land and building at cost 100%
  • Leased land and buildings (cap. @ 15%) 100%
  • Owned machinery and equipment @cost 100%
  • Leased machinery and equipment 100%
  • Commercial vehicles owned and/or leased 100%

 What do you get?

Approved entities may receive a tax free cash grant on total investment in qualifying assets on the following scale:

Level of Investment Cumulative Grant receivable
(As a % of investment)
First $770 000 investment   10% p.a.
Next $1.5m ($770 000- $2.3m)      
      6% p.a.
Next $2.3m ($2.3m - $4.6m) 4% p.a.
Next $3.0m ($4.6m - $7.7m)  3% p.a.
Next $3.8m ($7.7m - $11.5m)  2% p.a.
Next $3.8m ($11.5m - $15.0m) 1% p.a.




Approved qualifying foreign entities may qualify for the Foreign Investment Grant (FIG) up to a maximum of $460 000. The grant is available only to new qualifying investments, and offered once only to any foreign single entity. The grant will be lower of the actual cost of 15% of the value of new machinery and equipment relocated from overseas. It may not exceed $460 000 per project. The foreign investor must have at least 50% shareholding in the South African registered entity.
This grant is not available to foreign investors from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
The FIG is only available to registered incorporated legal entities in South Africa.

Skills Support Programme (SSP)

The SSP is an incentive scheme that supports enterprises in developing and delivering training to their employees. It encourages enterprises to invest in training, improve industrial training systems and introduce new and advanced skills to their workforce. Enterprises receive a cash grant to cover 50% of their approved training costs. The maximum assistance an enterprise may receive is 30% of its annual wage bill.
EMIA is a scheme designed to aid South African exporters in developing markets for their products, while attracting foreign investment into South Africa. Enterprises registered as exporters with the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) may qualify for any one of the following schemes: 
  • Primary export market research;
  • Exhibition assistance;
  • Inward buying trade missions;
  • Assistance to industry-specific sectors;
  • Outward investment recruitment missions;
  • Foreign direct investment research;
  • Inward investment missions;
  • Outward selling trade missions.

Strategic Industrial Programme (SIP)

Qualifying project:
Maximum allowance of 50% of the cost of the industrial assets, however, not in excess of $46 million. 

Preferred status:
100% of the cost of industrial assets, however, not in excess of $92 million.

 Water is wealth to this sub-continent when you consider that only 4%.

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 An economic development strategy study has pinpointed the following major.

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